Provisional Endorsement Overview:

Standard and expedited candidates may be Provisionally Endorsed for one year. Provisional PBS Facilitators will be givennan endorsement number and be eligible for compensation for developing PBS plans; however, in order to receive a full endorsement, they must acquire 16 hours of PBS supervision for two subsequent PBS plans within a year.

Supervisor Application:

PBS Supervisors who provide oversight for two plans written by a provisionally endorsed PBS Facilitator are accountable for the plans which they oversee. Accountability includes ensuring that the Provisional PBS Facilitator is practicing in an ethical and behaviorally sound manner through regular review of the plans/persons they are supporting and continuing to provide behavior support to those two focus persons if the provisional candidate discontinues the endorsement process. Provisional PBS Facilitators must carry their own liability insurance, and not depend solely on that of their Supervisor. Supervisors are not required to cover Provisional PBS candidates on their liability insurance.

Provisional Supervisor application may be found here:

PBS Supervisor Written Application


How much Supervision is needed?

A minimum of 16 hours of supervision is required. These hours may be completed 1:1 or in a group, and should include a mix of face-to-face (or video conferencing platform), phone, and/or email contacts. Provisional PBS Facilitators should be supervised on two behavioral consultations.

Who provides PBS Supervision?

PBS Supervisors are endorsed PBS Facilitators who are currently practicing PBS. Supervisors must be initially approved by completing a PBS Supervisor Written Application, which will be reviewed by three PBS endorsement board members. Once approved, Supervisors will be added to a pool of approved Supervisors, who may be contacted in the future as newly endorsed PBSFs are seeking Supervisors. Supervisors must submit a new application every 3 years and remain in good standing to continue providing Supervision. For standard trainees, PBS Supervisors should NOT provide supervision for the same PBS candidates to whom they provided mentoring prior to endorsement. Supervisors who work in the same agency may provide supervision, but must complete a supervisor application and receive approval before beginning.

How is Supervision Paid?

For standard candidates, the Partnership will sponsor up to 6 hours of supervision. The remaining amount should be negotiated between the Provisional Supervisor & provisionally endorsed PBS Facilitator. If the Provisionally endorsed PBS Facilitator contracts to work for the Supervisor in order to obtain supervision, the Virginia PBS Project will not pay for the supervision hours. Expedited candidates are responsible for covering the cost of their own supervision. PBS Supervisors are responsible for negotiating payment for their supervision services.

How is Provisonal Supervision Completed?

Two behavior support plans should be submitted to within one year of the PBS Facilitator’s provisional endorsement. Supervisors should sign off that they approve the plan, and include a log of the hours spent providing Supervision. Upon approval by a member of the Virginia PBS Endorsement Board, the candidate will then be fully endorsed. If the Endorsement Board member still has concerns about the plan(s) submitted, the Endorsement Board member may recommend additional supervision or consultation with the Endorsement Board Member to determine corrective action.

What happens if Provisional Supervision takes longer than 1 year?
If your Provisional Supervision period will likely take longer than one year from the date you were initially endorsed, you will need to apply for an extension.  To do so, please fill out the form below, and send to .  After your extension form is received, the PBS Advisory Board will consider your request and advise if it is approved. 
Provisional Supervision Extension Request Form