VPBS Endorsement Board members are endorsed VPBS Facilitators who have previous experience mentoring and teaching positive behavior support. Endorsement Board members are impartial to the candidates and do not have knowledge of or private interests in the candidate‚Äôs endorsement. Endorsement board members carefully read and score each portfolio and interview candidates regarding their philosophy and specifically about their plan. Applications for endorsement are available upon request.  Current Endorsement Board members are: 

    • Carol M. Schall, VCU Research, Rehabilitation and Training Center  
    • VJ Petillo, Positive Behavior Consulting 
    • Whitney Aulston, Leaf Behavior Support LLC
    • Wendi Strickland, Branches of Life 
    • Phil Nussbaum, Chesterfield Employment Services 
    • Shara Walters, Peaceable Life Therapeutic Services 
    • Ruth Ewers, Peaceable Life Therapeutic Services 
    • James Holdren, Chesterfield Employment Services